Uninterruptible Power Supply units

UPS units are becoming more popular in domestic applications to protect computer systems TV, and other valuable electronic equipment in the lounge room. A domestic UPS is a modern day requirement in the home and has many uses around the house.

Home owners have more equipment with electronic components to protect and now is the time to upgrade to a reliable 240v power supply with stand-by battery power when required.

UPS units are not just for black outs.

A UPS will give your equipment an extended life by protecting it from brown outs, sags and surges that can it's toll after one major event or a number of minor electrical events.

Sometimes after a black out, the power returns with a surge and drops off as another part of the grid fails after the repair. This surge can be huge on occasions effecting electronic components.

A UPS can be regarded as an extended warranty on new equipment and phantom computer resets resulting in data loss are less common.

Please see our information section for Selecting your correct UPS or for information on What a UPS is and The types of UPS units and more for technical explanation to help with buying a UPS that's right for you or contact us for advice.

Petech also has Surge Diverters & Lightning Protection for your fusebox to protect your whole house from the surges.

The UPS Pure Power Guarantee

A more expensive On-line UPS model guarantees you pure power quality because the inverter continuously creates 100% new, clean and regulated AC power in all situations.

The only exception is extended blackouts when the batteries eventually drain.
Extension battery packs can be purchased to extend the run time.

Combination Inverter and Ups unit

If your power supply has frequent problems we recommend the combination inverter and UPS from Su-Kam

Su-kam is manufactured in India where the power supply is very unreliable and in places they lose power from the grid for a number of hours every day and these models are recommended for rural properties.

Home Ups is designed to inform, educate and sell UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply Units) or back up power to the domestic market and households in Australia. If you require a larger UPS please contact our company site Petech.